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So - what's everybody reading, if you're reading...

@unixoutlaw said in So - what's everybody reading, if you're reading...:

On first glance, it appears storage is not up gradable on the Kobo, but the 8 GB storage (which is plenty - after 18 months and some 150 books [no I haven't read them all] I'm only using about 1/4 - 1/3 of the space)

That highly depends on the type of books one reads. The books I read have usually a lot of pictures and other graphics in it, which increases the size dramatically. For example, I have currently 138 books (MOBI and PDF) on my Kindle with 4GB storage and it is almost entire filled, I can barely fit any more books onto it.

@unixoutlaw said in So - what's everybody reading, if you're reading...:

There's actually a paperwhite pen enabled tablet I keep getting Kickstarter ads for - "Remarkable 2" (which means there's also a Remarkable 1) - looks interesting (and even the price looks reasonable), I'm tempted, mainly by the stylus feature, because I love to draw (or used to)

This looks really cool and I have thought about getting such type of device sometime, but I could never justify paying such a price for the limited amount of use I would get from it. If I want to type, I type with my keyboard and always prefer it over writing something by hand, because the latter is slower by an extreme amount. I don't draw anymore and if I occasionally sketch some technical idea then paper is enough and I don't need the advanced features of such a device for that. So the only thing I would really use this kind of device for, is making annotations to texts I read, which sounds really tempting, however I don't want to pay almost 400 bucks for a device that lets me easily annotate stuff I read.

@unixoutlaw said in So - what's everybody reading, if you're reading...:

I still can't get motivated to churn out a few e-doodles (I used to do one nearly every day on my Note smartphone, and submit to social media)

There's proof, that you can do it, so just do it. Next time you wake up, don't think about it, don't think whether to do something or not. Just do it. Don't think about it, but just do it. Let your body handle it.

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@unixoutlaw said in quiesce:

There's things I miss... like if I was still in the club I'd be a helluva lot more motivated to get my Harley Davidson running again... I didn't buy a Harley to join an MC - always been into bikes... and I miss riding... but I just can't get motivated...

Well, just do it. Don't ask for motivation.
The reason why it sounds so easy, is because it actually is this easy. Most people on earth are asking for motivation, asking for reasons, asking for this 'n that and then they complain that they want to do it but cannot.
The real reason they supposedly cannot do it, is that they are standing in front of themselves. They are blocking themselves from doing what they want and need to do.
If you want to do it, then do it.
Don't think about if you can do it.

The most important imperative that I ever discovered in my entire life is the following:

Free yourself from yourself.

I took this quote literally after listening to the following art piece for the thousandth time:
Youtube Video

Listen to the lyrics and understand.

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