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Sooooo! What political party do you support?

I'm sure I'm not making friends here with my view on Trump, however I hope you won't be too harsh with the evaluation of my opinion regarding this topic, since I am living far away from Trump and its people, so I may be quite wrong after all.
The only thing I can be very certain of, is the fact, that the way any media displays such important personalities as the president of the United States, is always wrong and never truthful. It is filled with propaganda from either position.

That said, there is certain some truth in what is being said here. However, from my point of view most of it is very overexaggerated. Again, if Trump were such a devil as he is portrayed here and elsewhere, the whole earth would've been nuked several times, already. Didn't happen, yet. I want to judge most people by their actions, not their words or image.

Another thing is, that what you describe as just plain bad (like his Twitter actions, etc.) is what people like me especially like about him. He is authentic. He makes mistakes. He has a big mouth. He gives us the feeling, that he is one of us. Ironically, he is so rich, anyone should presume that he is by now certainly out of touch with the reality of the people, however I feel he is more in our real, actual, reality than any Clinton, Bush, Obama and Hillary warmonger fucks could ever be. So many politicians speak in Corporate, others are just plain dumb (like the ones who permitted the new law about child protection in the internet). Trump, however, is the politician that is the closest to the people. Not despite, but because of his bluntness, his mistakes and his Twitter and other crap. He is one of the few politicians that actually make one feel like they are human and not some robotic Zuckerberg, trying to seem like they are apologizing for Facebook's total exploitation of the users' data.

If he wouldn't do these mistakes, if he wouldn't be such a big potty mouth, he wouldn't be as popular as he is. What you describe as bad is what makes him stand out and better than other politicians. (Though, it is certainly not hard to be better than other politicians, especially, where even Mormon politicians are not only allowed, but also taken seriously. If there were a Mormon politician where I live, they would be laughed out of politics by everyone. Meaning that, Trump is extremely far away from perfect. But he is at least comparatively better.)

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@unixoutlaw said in quiesce:

There's things I miss... like if I was still in the club I'd be a helluva lot more motivated to get my Harley Davidson running again... I didn't buy a Harley to join an MC - always been into bikes... and I miss riding... but I just can't get motivated...

Well, just do it. Don't ask for motivation.
The reason why it sounds so easy, is because it actually is this easy. Most people on earth are asking for motivation, asking for reasons, asking for this 'n that and then they complain that they want to do it but cannot.
The real reason they supposedly cannot do it, is that they are standing in front of themselves. They are blocking themselves from doing what they want and need to do.
If you want to do it, then do it.
Don't think about if you can do it.

The most important imperative that I ever discovered in my entire life is the following:

Free yourself from yourself.

I took this quote literally after listening to the following art piece for the thousandth time:
Youtube Video

Listen to the lyrics and understand.

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